The Amber Rose Riley Story

Writen by Amber:5 months after being locked up at age 16

"If I die tomorrow"
If I was on the "outs"and I knew I was going to die tomorrow,I would spend all the time I had with my parents.
I would let them know how much I love them.How much they mean to me.
I would try to write letters to all my family and I would call my good friends and let them know how I feel about them.
I would spend time with my pets too,cause I love them so much.
I hope that before I die I can finish school,get married and have at least one child.
I'm afraid I may not get to go home for many years.
I pray I do not die in jail or prison,and if I do pass away all that matters to me is my mom and pops.
Because I love them so very much.If I were to die tomorrow I wonder if they would let me call home to tell my parents how thankful I am for them,and I hope I still will get to go to Heaven.

Advocates For Abandoned Adolescents
California State Chapter
State Co-ordinator - Darcy Delaproser

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