Emmet Till - Life for a Life

Written by S Clarence

The sheer devestation upon the face of Emmet Tills Mother echoed for generations after her child''s murder, but what shocks me more than the destructive capabilities of mankind to murder a child back in the 1950's over racial hatred is the fact that decades later in the Millenium children are not only being given prison sentences far beyond their own mortality, but that the general public of the USA have little or no conscinece to stop this practice.

Thousands of children within the US are waived and held to an adult standard, Incarcerated and sent to adult prisons, enviroments ill equipped to deal with the most vulnerable sector of mankind, and still they fill the court rooms and inevitably the prison cells of Pentitentiaries across the US.
Are we to believe such an advanced Nation, such a leader of Nations finds no alternative for it's own children than to discard them with life sentences on a daily basis?

Within the Us, there are thousands upon thousands of willing yet unorganised soldiers, much as the communities of disaoganised yet angered civilians of the Civil rights movement, until a voice touched their very souls and cried freedom.
Emmet Till was the victim of the most brutal and inhumnae cruelty ever inflicted upon another human being, his name, his memory burning inside the heart of every Just and compassionate soul alive, and still from beyond the grave must we call upon him to fight once more? Must we seek his innocence and strength to combat the new hatred and oppressive force that grips our children?
Today our fight is Juvenile Justice, I find it incomprehensable that any child is beyond rehabilitation, but this is exactly what the US legislative bodies would have you believe.
Of cause if a child is charged with a serious offence then they must be held accountable, but why does that accountability deny them rehabilitation?
If you are sentencing a child to life without parole then are you saying they are beyond all reasonable and appropriate means to reach them? Something I refuse to accept.
So I ask you to look upon the face of Emmet Till and his mother and ask yourself is this what he died for?
The same look upon thousands upon thousands of mothers faces across the US, there children may not be dead but they are just as lost in a society that like Emmet tries to hide the truth of Juvenile Injustice, I hope the Supreme Courts corrects this damage long before a hearing granting Pardons decades later as in the case of Emmet Till

Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents - Our Mission is to do better!

Mothers against Juvenile Injustice Commission - M.A.J.I.C

Since the early 1990's the Juvenile Justice Laws in the US has increasingly become more and more harsh, retributive and irresponsible. It progressively became more common for Juveniles to suffer incarceration as punishment and far more easier for juveniles to be transferred to the Adult Criminal Justice System, where they will be held to an Adult Intellectual Standard, recieve adult penalties and be incarcerated in adult prisons.

Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents (A.A.A.) is a non-profit organisation thats against trying/sentencing/incarcerating children in the Adult Criminal Justice System. One of our main priorities is to generate awareness, we are currently in the process of realising the success of our Truth about Youth Campaign and we created our Mothers Against Juvenile Injustices Commision ,M.A.J.IC. to assist us in that endeavour and to give the mothers of America's Incarcerated children a platform to tell their stories, to be a voice to advocate for Juvenile Justice reform and to unite against irresponsible Juvenile Justice Laws.

Since there are over one hundred thousand children under age 18 being held in Juvenile and Adult Correctional Facilities in the US on any given day there are also over one hundred thousand mothers on any given day suffering from the pain of being seperated from their children.

M.A.J.I.C is dedicated to giving those mothers a home, a platform, a voice and to introduce them to ways in which they can contribute to the enactment of responsible Juvenile Justice reform. Throughout the course of history women have played vital roles in progressively reforming society, alot of roles in which today can be embraced, effective and succesfull through a powerful form of M.A.J.I.C.

With M.A.J.I.C we will generate the success of our Truth about Youth Campaign of which invites the over one hundred thousand mothers to tell the stories of their incarcerated child, empower others to give an account of their experiences and enlightening others with the perspective and reccomendations for change, all of which will be used to communicate to policy makers and to tell the public the truth about what happens to our youth when they are incarcerated.

With M.A.J.I.C  we will bring National Awareness to the irresponsible Juvenile Justice Laws and policies, for most people across the Country are simply unaware of the irresponsible nature of each States  approach to Juvenile Justice.

With M.A.J.I.C we will bring some much needed relief to and focus on every child in Adult Prisons across the Country by supporting Incarceration Intervention Programs.

With M.A.J.I.C we will introduce and support the passage of legislation that responsibly adjudicates Juveniles.

With M.A.J.I.C. the hieghts of our success is limitless, through M.A.J.I.C. we will tap into the power that exists within our unity to lead our Country away from harsh and ineffective approaches to Juvenile Justice, to a day where rehabilitaion, education and treatment are the primary objectives.

A.A.A. 's M.A.J.I.C is in dire need of your help and support, we ask that you got to the website, sign up to become a valued member of our Majical Organisation today.

Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents - Our Mission is to do better!

Broken Justice - The Dallas 6

I surface in search of fiery hearts, humble souls and attractive minds from all walks of life-- armed with the confidence that under social status, credentials, and economic condition lies a human being with real human struggles, plans and talents..... much of my life I felt unworthy due to an upbringing of deprivation and neglect but learned that we are all worthy simply because we're human and that opportunities abound amongst us if we only trust and believe in ourselves.

I fully embrace my obligation to the community and especially our youth as an example of Virtue, Inspiration, and Responsibility. I entered prison as a 15 year old caterpillar essentially illiterate and without value for life but will spring free a full butterfly with a high-school diploma, paralegals degree and a love for the simple things in life, like, hugs, blue sky's and free ocean waters.

I continue my strive for growth and development but am currently under attack by Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Officials. Oppressing and retailing against me because retailing against me because I was rewarded $185,000 for proving they conspired to violate my constitutional rights and punish me for being a voice for the voiceless in this concrete jungle. Abuse comes in the form of denying me food, showers, outside exercise, assaults and false accusations to keep me in solitary confinement and simply because prisoners have no outside voice or social standing in society.

But what happened to "Justice For All" and "Equal Protection" under the laws? You don't have to have power or credentials to help, all you have to be is human.
~ Andre L. JacobsAdvocates for Abandoned Adolescents - Our Mission is to do better!

Prison is No Place for a Child

Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents - Our Mission is to do better!

Davontae Sanford - Detroits Forgotten Child

Serving 37-90 years since age 14 for four drug-related murders, despite confession by another man, police testimony that he is innocent

Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents - Our Mission is to do better!

Davontae Sanford - Detroit's Forgotten Child

Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents - Our Mission is to do better!

If I Get Out Alive - Children Sentenced to Adult Prison - Press Play to Listen

Broken on all sides

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