These are Juveniles Tried/Sentenced as Adults Resources.

These are Juveniles Tried/Sentenced as Adults Resources.Please also see:
Juvenile Justice (U.S.) || Juvenile Justice (International)
Juvenile Corrections || Youth Violence

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17 Executed for Crimes as Juveniles
The Associated Press, December 3, 2000
Age For Executions Raised to 18
The Indianapolis Star, March 27, 2002
Age Raising Ethical Questions
The Associated Press, December 3, 2000
Americans Want Child Criminals Sentenced As Kids
Reuters, March 28, 2001
Boy, 12, faces grown-up murder charges
CNN, February 10, 2010
Boy Who Shot Teacher Convicted of Murder
The Associated Press, May 16, 2001
Child Abuse: A Ticking Bomb
by Andrew Vachss, Change: A Juvenile Justice Quarterly, Vol. V, No. 3, 1982
Congo: Don't Execute Child Soldiers
Human Rights Watch, May 2, 2001
Court Upholds Life in Prison For Teenager
The Florida Times-Union, February 7, 2002
Death Penalty For Juveniles Under Scrutiny
The Christian Science Monitor, August 27, 2002
Group Decries Pending Texas Execution
The Associated Press, July 31, 2001
"He Was Protecting Me"
The Hartford Courant, July 10, 2001
Judge: Try Malvo as an Adult
CNN, January 16, 2003
Juvenile Competency To Stand Trial: Questions in an Era of Punitive Reform
Report regarding juveniles tried and sentenced as adults, from the A.B.A.'s Juvenile Justice Center.
Juvenile Death Penalty
Information regarding juveniles sentenced to death from the A.B.A.'s Juvenile Justice Center.
Juvenile Death Penalty Today
These reports sketch the characteristics of the juvenile offenders and their crimes who have been sentenced to death, who have been executed, and who are currently under death sentences.
Juvenile Death Sentences
Policy statement from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, October 24, 2000.
Juvenile Felony Defendants in Criminal Courts: State Court Processing Statistics
Special Report regarding juveniles transferred to adult criminal courts from the Office of Juvenile Justice at the U.S. DOJ.
Juveniles and the Death Penalty
Report on juveniles and the death penalty from the Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention.
Kids in Prison, Part 1
The Miami Herald, March 18, 2001
Kids on Trial: 'Justice by Geography'
The Christian Science Monitor, February 8, 2001
The Latest Trend in Child Sexual Exploitation: Rape in Adult Prisons
A report from Joanne Mariner, FindLaw columnist, attorney, and deputy director of the Americas division of Human Rights Watch, regarding juveniles sentenced to adult penal institutions, and their increased vulnerability to sexual assault and exploitation as a result.
The Life-Style Violent Juvenile
by Andrew Vachss, 5/1 Change 10, 1981
New Bill Protects Kids In Prison
The Miami Herald, May 4, 2001
NJ Supreme Court Affirms Lower Court in Advancing Killer's Parole Eligibility
The Associated Press, June 14, 2001
Panhandle Boys Indicted For Murdering Father
The Associated Press, December 12, 2001
Paying For Our Inaction
by Andrew Vachss, New York Newsday, April 28, 1989
Prison at 14: Teenage Girls Serve Time With Adult Inmates
Detroit Free Press, July 10, 2000
Revised Young Offenders Act Soon to Be Law
The Toronto Star, February 4, 2002
Ruling Opens Way For Young Convicts
The Palm Beach Post, July 25, 2002
Serious, Violent, and Habitual Juvenile Offenders
Text of a speech given by Andrew Vachss at an Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention workshop.
States Adjust Adult Prisons to Needs of Youth Inmates
The New York Times, July 25, 2001
Too Young to Vote, Old Enough to be Executed
Report from Amnesty International, July 31, 2001 regarding the U.S.'s execution of individuals whose crimes were committed as juveniles.
Tough Juvenile Sentencing Getting Second Look
Reuters, May 18, 2001
Trying Juveniles as Adults in Criminal Court: An Analysis of State Transfer Provisions
Report by the Office for Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention.
Young Inmates Found to Keep Life of Crime
The Miami Herald, July 31, 2001
Youth Among Us: Addressing Youthful Offenders

Article from National Institute of Corrections regarding youthful offenders in adult prisons.

Little Adult Criminals
The New York Times, May 23, 2001
Society Abandons Nathaniel Brazill
The Miami Herald, May 9, 2001

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ABA Juvenile Justice Center
American Bar Association
740 15th Street, NW, 7th Floor
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (202) 662.1506
The Sentencing Project
Juveniles in Adult Criminal Courts
Suite 1000
Washington, D.C. 20004
Phone: (202) 628-0871

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