Keaire Brown

She was only 13-years-old when she shot and killed Scott Sappinton Jr. during an attempted car jacking. Two and half years later, a judge sentenced Keaire Brown to life in prison.

Just two days before Scott Sappington Jr.'s 17th birthday, Keaire Brown shot him in the head at point blank range. Tried as an adult, a Wyandotte County jury convicted the now 16-year-old of first degree murder. On Thursday, a judge sentenced her to life with a hard 20, which means Brown has to serve 20 years before she is even eligible for parole.

"Well I think justice has spoken, I'll never be completely healed from this so I just hope she never, ever gets the opportunity to do this again," said Scott Sappington Sr., the victim's father. "Scotty will never have a second chance so in my mind she doesn't deserve a second chance."

Brown's lawyer asked for a new trial, arguing among other things that Brown didn't understand the law well enough as a teenager.

"She's still a kid. She doesn't even understand what's even going happening or the language, she completed 7th grade," said Cheryl Brown, Keaire's mother.

The judge rejected that, ruling Brown was clearly competent and received a fair trail.

Showing no remorse and claiming her innocence, Keaire Brown turned to spectators in court and said, "I am not an animal or a murderer, I love people, I'm a kid too, God has my back."

At that moment most of the Sappington family left the court room. For now Scott Sappington Sr. said he will take it day by day in prayer. Kearie Brown's family says they plan to appeal the case.

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