Saving Sara

No childhood memories I'd choose to keep Stained, damaged on dirty streets
Abused and broken
Pushed to break
Paying with my life for my mistakes
Locked behind these cold repressive prison walls
Friends and allies heard my call
I thank you for your fighting spirit
For all Juveniles whose case I mimic
Children lost in a place so dark
I thank you from my damaged heart
For saving kids that have so much to be
and of cause thank you, for saving me.

A.A.A Poem for Sara

Our mission is to place a national spotlight upon the nations approach to juvenile justice, and to place faces and stories to the children that were waived, and thereby, held to an adult standard in the courtroom and then sent to adult prisons. Our mission is to end the practice of sentencing children to life without the possibility of parole, and to reduce the harm caused to children in adult prisons by supporting legislation that will make those who were sentenced as children eligible to have their sentences reviewed at some point during their incarceration. Advocates for Abandoned Adolescent's mission is to introduce concerned citizens to effective ways in which they can contribute to enhancing the quality of juvenile justice, to create chapters of A.A.A. in every state coast to coast. To organize and coordinate a national synchronized protest on all fifty state capitals on the same day, at the same moment and unified under the A.A.A. banner. Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents - Our Mission is to do better!

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