Judge asks for more background information before sentencing 18-year-old

Christon Jeffries
Posted: Friday, October 7, 2011 1:15 am
The fate of a man who pleaded guilty to stealing a paralyzed woman’s wallet after being found not guilty of sexually assaulting her is now up to a judge.
Christon Jeffries, 18, faces up to two years in state jail for stealing the woman’s wallet April 13 after smoking marijuana with the woman, her teenage daughter and the daughter’s friend.
Prior to meeting the woman and her daughters, Jeffries testified he had never smoke marijuana and had started classes at Angelina College to be a computer technician.
After hearing a sentencing phase of Jeffries case, state district Judge Paul White determined that further review of Jeffries’ juvenile, medical and college records are needed before he can be sentenced.
“This case presents incredibly difficult issues for me. Dynamics occurred before this incident in question that I need to evaluate,” White said. “He’s now on my watch. I’m not going to take lightly the risk his conduct presents. It’s not just taking a purse.”
Testifying on his own behalf Thursday morning, Jeffries said he hoped to go into the Marines but understands he will become ineligible with a felony conviction on his record.
With this being Jeffries’ first offense as an adult, White could sentence him to probation, which is what the Kennard native hopes to receive. He told the judge spending the last six months in jail with people who have been to prison taught him a lesson.
“I’ve learned to keep my hands to myself and stay out of bad situations. I’ve learned from my mistakes,” Jeffries said. “All I can say is ‘Sorry.’”
While White reviews Jeffries’ records, he will be out of jail on $5,000 bond. He is to be under house arrest at his mother’s home under the supervision of an Angelina County probation officer until his sentencing date.
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