Wanted - Editor for reclaiming future blog

Wanted: Editor for the Reclaiming Futures Blog
Reclaiming-Futures_old-typewriter-in-libraryAfter almost exactly three years editing the Reclaiming Futures blog and associated social media channels, I'm going to be moving on to the National Juvenile Justice Network. My last day working on the Reclaiming Futures blog will be October 14.
I'll have more to say about that transition when that date gets closer. In the mean time, my employer, Prichard Communications, is looking for someone to take the reins here -- and elsewhere, too. Despite my headline, the job won't be solely focused on Reclaiming Futures, though the initiative will be the heart of the job.
In short, they're looking for a Digital Account Manager to "provide strategic guidance and content for digital, social media and other communications for Reclaiming Futures and other clients of Prichard Communications."
Know someone who might be interested? Then please share this with your network - application deadline is October 14, 2011 at 6pm PST.

>> Download the job description.

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