A Simple Truth

A Simple Truth
I shall share with you an element of truth in one of it's most simplistic forms. It is a new discovery, it's not an invention that man can stake a claim to, nor is it a principle taught by a religious teacher or spiritual guide. It is a truth that is essential to the genetic structure of every human being. It is as much a part of human history as molecules are a part of the water that sustains us.
The simple truth is that each one of us is unique! And it is our uniqueness that prevents us from being compared to other individuals, and because we can not be compared to any other person we are individually perfect.
It is the the nature of our perfection that destroys the requirement for us to surrender to any power but our own within our endeavour to realize our power, our satisfaction, our destiny. Thus, it is within the core of our perfection where the soul of freedom resides.

"Man is born free, yet he is everywhere in chains."
- Jean Jacques Rousseau,
French Philosopher
Opening sentence of The Social Contract, 1762.

It is only when the perfect self is relentlessly attacked by the forces of slavery that we become the wounded, that we begin to grow into ourselves, that the scars of the soul begin to bind, confine and strangle until at last we are enslaved.
I see the perfect child enslaved by the misery of prejudice, and picking cotton within the fields of hopelessness. I see the perfect child enslaved by the low expectations of their parents and teachers, and the anger created by their heartless mirrors. I see the perfect children of the world soulfully injured by their enslavement to poverty and the stultifying forces of ignorance and hatred. I see our perfect children enslaved by the visions of the crime and destitution that perpetually surrounds them, taking upon themselves the judgement of the system, of which, screams into their face, 'You are worthless!'
I see with abject horror the perfect people of the world, powerful from birth, coerced through fear and stratagems to adopt as their own the neurosis of others whom are enslaved.
I see the deepest grief, the perfect people become absorbed in the binding fervour of a political party, greed, in the hatred of children of other innocent and perfect people, in transforming state policies from social welfare to social control, and in the implementation of unjust laws....
By the year 2050 50% of America's children will be on parole, probation or in prison
- PBS Documentary 'Prison USA'

Though no matter how many malevolent forces wound our souls in an attempt to bind, confine and strangle us into enslavement, that is no matter how many times the forces of greed has tried to subdue us, no matter ho many times the forces of poverty convinces us of our invisibility, no matter how many times our employers, our environments, Judges, State and Federal Legislators, Banks and Corporations, and the images in the mirrors scream into the faces of our souls, the simple truth shall forever be that the gift of ourselves, the gift of our perfect uniqueness, though stolen can be taken back. It can not be purchased by buying a new car or wearing designer clothes, joining the right clubs or thinking or speaking the 'right'way. It can be taken back through your understanding of this simple truth, then quickly, like turning on a light, the blessed light, FREEDOM is yours once again.

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