There are far too many children around the world whom, for reasons not their own, have minds and perspectives that have been invaded by the disease of despair, of anger, of hopelessness and depression. Children without the natural inclination to guide themselves out of the minefields of adolescence, children who if guided properly would of been future doctors and heads of state, but instead have made a series of bad decisions and caused harm to victims, community and themselves, our worlds lost children whom are only lost because of the negligence perpetuated by our worlds adults.
[I never cease to be in awe as I gaze into the face
of an Innocent child, when God gives them to us as
a blank sheet of paper - clean, pure and waiting to
be inscribed upon. They trust us, open themselves up
to us, and receive whatever we give them, whether it
be good or bad ]
Do our worlds lost boys and girls not deserve our undivided attention? Do they not deserve a voice speaking in their defense and for the protection of their future? Do they not deserve a second chance?
Well I am here to say that they do, as a former lost child, that is, I joined Chicago's biggest street gang at 13yrs old, there began a life sentence in maximum security prison at 17yrs old, where I have been for the past 13yrs. Now I am here to use my voice, that we do.
For Our human family has reached a level of sophistication that gives us a vision to acknowledge that it is indeed ideals that are the projectors of change, of reform and of progress, not severe retribution or the persecution of our most valuable resources. It is the distribution of love and hope, not hate and indifference that repairs the harm done to our lost children.
Through pro-action it is in our power to effectively combat this child destroying issue, but we must first acknowledge it. Together we can render the juvenile justice system obsolete, but we must first commit ourselves to the cause.
Together we can practice a world of service minded, focused children, but first we must see our neighbors child as our own.
So I implore you to digest this message and find out what ways you can be most effective in assisting the lost boys and girls in your immediate area.
A powerful role model could of redirected my childhood cause, it may be you who redirects another's.
I sincerely thank you for your time and attention, God Bless, Dante D. Cottingham

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