14 Year Old Charged As Adult In Sex Crime

A 14 year old boy accused of sexually abusing a 10 year old girl is charged as an adult.

An Ocean Springs teenager is in serious trouble.
Paul Matthew Dauphin, 14, was arrested Tuesday and charged as an adult with the sexual battery of a young girl.
Sheriff Mike Byrd says the case was brought to law enforcement's attention after the 10 year old victim's aunt took her to the hospital.
Dauphin, who does not have a known history of being an abuser, was taken to the Jackson County Adult Detention Center, according to Byrd. "When you've got somebody under the age of twelve, it's a capital crime," he said.
Pat Guyton, who has worked with child sex abuse cases for 22 years, insists charging the teen as an adult is a bad idea. "He's just starting out this kind of activity he can be helped through counseling," said Guyton who recommends an "in-hospital" treatment for the 14 year old. "Don't put him in the criminal justice system as an adult where he will come out even more incorrigible."
Dauphin was released from jail on a $10,000 bond. Byrd says Mississippi's Department of Human Resources is involved in the case.

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