Baltimore Teen Charged As Adult After Attacking Grandmother With Hammer

Baltimore Teen Charged As Adult After Attacking Grandmother With Hammer

Baltimore : MD : USA | Apr 01, 2011
The Baltimore Police Department has placed 14-year-old Hassanhii Garrett under arreat for attempted murder. The teen is being charged as adult after admitting to attacking his own grandmother with a hammer while she slept.
Garrett is being charged with attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and having a dangerous weapon with intent to injure. Only a ninth grade student with no previous trouble in his past, he showed no emotions in court and told police he had became angry for the way he was being treated at home.
The victim, 66-year-old Shirley Garrett, is reportedly in critical condition on Friday. The 9-1-1 call came in from her grandson several minutes after he had attacked her. The response vehicles arrived at the 800 block of E. 34th Street in Baltimore, MD to find Ms. Garrett face-down in a pool of blood.
Garrett confessed to hitting her twice with the hammer while she slept and when she awoke from the blows, she fell into a mirror. After falling he then hit her several more times with his closed fists.
According to reports by ktla, the defense for Garrett was overheard asking for a suicide evaluation and concern "about his stability". Apparently the young man has always been a good student and he seemed to come from good neighborhood.

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