Teen Charged With Brutal Murders Of His Grandparents Assaults Jail Guard In Attempt To Escape Custody (VIDEO)

Officials have released the surveillance video of an escape attempt by teen murder suspect Brandon Fannin.

Fannin, 17, is beiing held at the Richard L. Bean Juvenile Service Center in Knoxville.  On New Year's Day, he attempted to escape by attacking a guard.  The surveillance video shows Fannin, in an orange jumpsuit, walking around a common room while a guard is seated in a corner.

Suddenly, Fannin runs toward the guard and begins hitting him with his fists.  The two fall to the ground, struggling.  Two other guards run into the room to help subdue Fannin. Fannin is eventually handcuffed and returned to his cell.

The guard was not seriously injured in the attack.

Fannin is charged as an adult for murdering his grandparents at the Hawkins County home he shared with them.

A Hawkins County teen charged with killing his grandparents is accused of trying to break out of a juvenile detention facility.

Brandon Fannin was 16 when he was charged in April 2010 with 1st degree murder in the deaths of his grandparents, Clyde and Linda Fannin.   Autopsy results showed Clyde Fannin had over 20 gunshots to the head and Linda Fannin, had at least 17 stab wounds and several fractured bones.

Fannin's murder case was moved to adult court, but he is being housed in the Richard L. Bean Juvenile Service Center in Knoxville.  Hawkins County does not have a suitable facility to house Fannin.

According to the facility's director, Richard Bean, Fannin attempted to escape on Saturday night, January 1.  As he was being taken to the shower facilities around 6:15 pm, he hit a guard, grabbed him, and threatened to harm him if officers in the control room didn't open the door for Fannin to leave.

Officers were able to subdue Fannin and prevent him from escaping.  The officer who was assaulted was not injured. Fannin had no weapon, just his fist.

Bean says other inmates of the facility informed his officers that Fannin had been doing pushups in his room to prepare for the escape.

Bean and his officers will try to confer with the DA's office on Tuesday to see if Fannin will face charges in Knox County stemming from the escape attempt.

Fannin is now 17.  He will be 18 in October. Source

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