Teen Charged For Lying About Bus Stop Slashing

Fairfield Township police have issued citations to a 14 year old boy who claimed to be the victim of a slashing at a school bus stop Monday morning.  The boy, who later admitted to fabricating the story, is charged with making false alarms and delinquency.  Both charges are filed in Butler County Juvenile Court.

The 14-year-old boy initially told police he was standing on Imley Avenue and Pater Avenue around 6:30 a.m. Monday when a man came up behind him and put a knife to him and demanded money.  The boy ran home and told his parents that he'd been attacked.   He was taken to Mercy Fairfield hospital for treatment. The three inch gash required eight stitches.

The boy apparently admitted hours later that he made up the story.   Police say the wound in his throat happened during "horse-play with a friend."

Detective Jill Ebbing told our partners at the Hamilton Journal News that the boys' motivation for making up the story is still under investigation. “I think the reason why (we charged him), we just want to make people aware that there are consequences,” Ebbing said. “He’s a very lucky young man. Admitting his wrongdoing is what saved him from more charges."
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